Get your spook on before Halloween

With the 31 falling on a Wednesday, the weekend before is host to themed festivities.

Franki Hanke, Senior Reporter

Halloween falls in the middle of the week this year, forcing children and college students alike to go to classes the following day.  However, festivities planned the weekend before offer ample opportunities to do the monster mash, drink pumpkin-infused boo-ze and argue over the best costumes.

The Saturday before, Oct. 27, is the prime time for Halloween-themed parties and events alike.

For the music fan looking to dance the night away, Lake Monster Brewing is hosting a Halloween music fest, Lake Monster Bash, featuring Field Report, Dead Horses, The Pines, SOLID GOLD and Al Church.

“This is year two of Monster Bash,” Matt Lange, Founder and Brewmaster of Lake Monster Brewing, said. “[A]n annual event centered around Halloween seemed like a great fit with our brand (you know, “monster” is in our name and all)… Last year was a great success, and we are hoping to build on that momentum and get an even better turnout this year.”

Besides the line-up of bands, they will be slinging seasonal brews including some Oktoberfest, Loonatick Fresh Hop and Apricot Gose fall beers and the warm mulled beer wassail.

To double-up on dancing or to live out the Stranger Things fantasies we all have of returning to a different era, Hell’s Kitchen is hosting another dancing-driven event with DJ Jake Rudh and Transmission: Halloween 1985.

Hell’s Kitchen’s space always seemed decorated for the spooky month, but this year they are hosting a Transmission dance event with Stranger Things, 80’s theme.

“It’s going to lean a lot into that 80’s electro-pop, new-wave stuff,” Nathan Gerdes, Advertising and Sales Promotion Manager of Hell’s Kitchen, said.

The event will be hosted by DJ Jake Rudh and Transmission, whose events typically sell out, so they recommend snagging tickets ahead of time to ensure a spot on the dance floor.

If Halloween is more about costumes for you, 56 Brewing is hosting a Howl-ween event with the one hallmark of this holiday better than plentiful candy: dogs in costumes.

“Halloween is one of those holidays you can be really creative and fun with, and we love seeing what people come up with,” Josie Schreiner, Event Coordinator for 56 Brewing, said. “We had a similar event last year, and it went pretty well.”

Last year, they had a good turnout of costume-garbed dogs, but they want even more to come for 2018. Specifically, they encourage dog and human couple costumes.

“Dogs make everything more fun! We want people to get creative and have fun with their pets,” Schreiner said.

For the couple with the best costume, there will be a costume contest, and the winner will be awarded a new brewery pass from Sidewalk Dog.

Beside being the only event with dogs, they are trying to give back to the community by working with My Very Own Bed to collect bedsheets following the event from Oct. 28 through 31. Anyone who brings a set of new, twin-sized sheets will get a free beer as thanks for donating to kids who do not have their own beds to sleep in.

“We are always looking for ways to make a difference in our local neighborhoods,” Schreiner siad. “We thought the connection between Halloween and sheet ghost costumes was the perfect fit.”

Besides dogs, the space will host Breakout Route, a mobile escape room hosted inside a 26-by-8foot trailer.

“Have a beer and use your mind,” Ryan Farrell, of Breakout Route, said. “We like to say, ‘social drinking and social thinking.’ You’re solving a series of puzzles, it keeps you moving.”

The challenge will ask participants to enter the World War II bunker-themed trailer and solve clues to find the battle plans before an enemy does.

For one looking to pack their whole day with the excitement of the season, it is possible to attend all three events starting with Howl-ween at 56 Brewing or the Lake Monster Bash at Lake Monster Brewing in the early afternoon. While Lake Monster opens up at noon, the music will not start until 1 p.m. 56 Brewing is starting off their event at 2 p.m. offering a great midway marker between two dance-filled events if Transmission’s event at Hell’s Kitchen is the final stop for the night. After all, with all that dancing, anybody would need to rest their bones.

For full event details and updates, find the events through the Oracle’s Facebook page, @HamlineOracle, under “Events” to be linked to all hosts and websites associated.