Week in sports March 13


Melanie Hopkins

Hamline sophomore Jordan Hansen Fights for puck control behind the goal during the quarterfinal game of the NCAA DIII Playoffs.

Levi Jones, Sports Editor

Women’s Hockey @ Wis-River Falls 5-1 W

Hamline had an impressive showing in the first game of the NCAA III playoffs this year. After a 22-3-3 MIAC season the team was selected to play in the NCAA. Their first game was against Wis-River Falls at home on Sat. March  9. As a playoff game the winner will proceed to the semifinals and the loser would be headed home. The Pipers made sure they would be playing again. The game started with a goal from Hamline first-year Molly Garin. With no response from Wis-River Falls, the first period ended 1-0 in Hamline’s favor. The second period saw Hamline junior Bre Simon put another point on the board followed shortly by another goal by Garin. Late in the period UW-River Falls managed to score ending the second period 3-1. The third period came around and all Hamline needed to do was hold off their opponents offense. Not only were they able to do this, they also scored a couple more times themselves. The first one came from sophomore Jordan Hansen, followed by a third goal by Garin. The outstanding performance by the Pipers has advanced them to the semifinals, where they will play St.Thomas for the fourth time this year. St.Thomas, who beat Hamline for the MIAC champions title, will be a chance for the Pipers to get their revenge and advance to the finals.


Softball @St.Scholastica 2-1 W

Hamline Softball finally managed to find a place to play after the weather delayed their first two games of the season. On Sun. March 3 the Pipers were looking to start the season strong with a pair of wins. The first of these games began slow, with only one point being scored in the first four innings. The point came when Hamline sophomore Ramsey Hare crossed home in the bottom of the second. The fifth period saw St. Scholastica tie it up in the top of the inning. Hamline was not ready to give up their lead so easily as in the bottom of the same inning the Pipers scored again, pushing themselves back into the lead. The rest of the game continued scoreless ending 2-1 in Hamline’s favor.


Softball @ St. Scholastica 7-3 W

After their first game of the night against St. Scholastica, Hamline was ready to go for their second game. The Pipers came out swinging, scoring three times before St.Scholastica got a chance to step up to the plate. These scores came from senior Delaney Kohler, first-year Anna O’Conner, and sophomore Riley Husom. These points continued unanswered until the bottom of the fourth when St. Scholastica managed a trio of runs to tie the game at 3-3. The top of the fifth saw Hamline put an end to this, scoring four times in the inning. The first point came from Kohler, followed by sophomore Megan Rubbelke. Late in the inning first-year Theresa Klinnert hit a home run, sending herself and her teammate junior Kira Krueger across home for the last two points. With a score of 7-3 Hamline stopped St. Scholastica from scoring again, ending their first two games with a pair of wins.


Softball @Wis-Stevens Point 9-4 W

In the first of Hamline’s two games against Wis-Stevens Point Hamline showed a strong performance. The game took place Mon. March 4, and was the third of the season for the Pipers. After starting the season with a pair of wins the night before, the Pipers wanted to keep the momentum. The bottom of the first saw Hamline’s score first with two points to go unanswered. Hamline extended this lead in the bottom of the third as they scored five more times. At the end of the high scoring period Hamline was on top with a score of 7-0. Yet they did not stop there, after Wis-Stevens Point scored three times in the top of the next period Hamline quickly returned fire with two more points. Wis-Stevens Point did score again in the top of the fifth, but it was too little too late. Hamline had won their third game of the season 9-4 and were ready to go into their second game against Wis-Stevens Point.


Softball @ Wis-Stevens Point 7-4 W

After a dominating performance in their first game of the night, Hamline Softball was ready to take on Wis-Stevens Point a second time. After a quiet first inning Hamline swung first in the top of the second, scoring three points. Wis-Stevens Point managed to score twice in the bottom of the second. This put the score at 3-2 at the end of the second. Hamline was not content with a one point lead, and scored four more times in the top of the third. Wis-Stevens Point scored two more times during the game, once at the bottom of the fourth, and again in the bottom of the fifth. With a three point lead Hamline ended the game 7-4. Standing a 4-0 the Pipers next few games will take place over spring break in warm Tucson Arizona.