Week in Sports, Oct. 2

Women’s Soccer vs. Northwestern 4-2 W

Wednesday Sept. 25 was a big day for Women’s Soccer. After turning their record around in the last game they had the opportunity to even the record at 4-4. The only thing standing in their way was the 1-7 team from Northwestern. The game took place on a windy Wednesday. For the first half, Hamline was not able to get any points putting them down 1-0 at the half. The second half saw Hamline kick into gear scoring four times before Northwestern managed a response. Hamline junior Ashlee Olson was the highest-scoring player with two goals. The team had a total of ten shots on goal in the game. Northwestern only managed one save during the second half. Hamline’s defense held Northwestern at only six shots on goal during the game. 


Volleyball vs. Bethel 2-3 L

When two teams are close in skill it is not uncommon to see a volleyball game go to five sets. This was the case for the match between Bethel and Hamline. The first two sets saw Bethel take the lead as Hamline fell by ten points then by nine. With only one more loss in order to lose it all Hamline needed to make a serious push. The third set went to Hamline by two points. Hamline’s comeback continued into the fourth set when Hamline took it by three points. With the game tied it was set to go into the fifth set. Unfortunately for Hamline they only managed three points during it and lost the match. Despite this, the match was an outstanding performance by the outnumbered Pipers, who only had eight players on their team against Bethel’s 12.


Men’s Soccer vs. Northwestern 0-0 L

A game going to overtime can be an exciting event, a game going to double overtime is bound to be intense. This was the case for the Men’s Soccer team in the game against Northwestern. While the game saw no points it was still a hard fought slugfest which saw both teams get nine shots on goal. Hamline senior Malachy Zamacona stood in the goal stopping every shot that came his way. Hamline dominated the regulation play with eight shots on goal before the clock ran out. Hamline’s record stood at 2-4-1 before facing Bethel on Saturday, Sept. 28.


Volleyball vs. Bethel 3-0 W

Coming off of a close game with Bethel earlier that week Hamline Volleyball was looking for revenge. The first set saw Hamline quickly shut Bethel down scoring 25-8. The next two sets saw Bethel scoring more, but still not enough to beat Hamline. It was a quick match with only three sets. By the end of it Hamline scored double the points that Bethel had with a total of 58-24. Hamline’s top scorer was junior Madison Hurrle. Junior Megan Rubbelke maintained her large number of assists with 34 of Hamline’s 39 total. 


Men’s Soccer vs. Bethel 3-2 W

Hamline was challenged on Saturday as they were set to play Bethel, a team with a better record. Bethel took the first point around the ten-minute mark, Hamline was slow to strike back but they did end up tying the game by halftime thanks to a goal by first-year Jake Sullivan. The second half was set to follow a similar story as Bethel scored early and Hamline tied it up partway through with a goal by senior Ryan Pyle. However, Hamline senior Stefan Kinsinger scored with only ten minutes left. Bethel did not have enough time and the clock ran out with Hamline not needing to go into overtime for the second time that week. Hamline now sits at a record of 3-4-1. 


Football vs. Concordia 51-0 L

With over 1,300 people in attendance, the Pipers were set to take on Concordia in their fourth game of the season. Hamline’s run defense fell short. The team gave up a total of 539 yards in only 62 rush attempts. One Concordia player managed 103 yards and two others had rushing yards in the 90s. At the same time Hamline did keep Concordia to only 86 passing yards, all while managing 118 passing yards from junior quarterback Connor Leavens. On defense-first-year Kaden Smith had the most tackles raking in eight during the game. This was the first game of the season where the Pipers didn’t find the endzone once. Hamline now holds a record of 1-3, their next game is at St.Olaf at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct 5.


Women’s Soccer vs. Bethel 0-3 L

Having a freshly even record on the season so far Hamline’s Women’s Soccer team was looking to go positive, yet an undefeated Bethel stood in their way. Throughout the game Hamline’s defense showed their skills, keeping the opposing team to only twelve shots on goal. Nine of these were saved by Hamline’s goalie, sophomore Lauren Sicora. Hamline now stands at a record of 4-5 with their next chance to even it out on Wednesday, Oct. 2 against Carleton.