Hamline’s Sundin Hall takes steps forward

Hamline’s Sundin Hall is showing many forward-thinking and diverse acts for the 2019-2020 concert season.

Sol Doyscher, Reporter

Hamline’s music department has been well-ingrained on campus for many years, whether it be the numerous classes for students, or the opportunities to play in an ensemble. Another aspect of Hamline’s music scene is the holding of events at Sundin Hall. During the remaining 2019-2020 school year, there is expected to be at least twenty-four full concerts held within Sundin Hall.

The concerts accommodate a variety of artists. From award-winning guitarists from the Minnesota Guitar Society to the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra to baroque music dancers, Sundin Hall is building a profile as a prolific event-holder.

In recent years, Hamline’s music department is looking to tread different waters, and showcase Hamline’s ever expanding mold of the musical artist. Composition courses for genres such as pop, jazz and classical have become popular curriculum choices, and musical ensembles are incorporating newer pieces in other genres.

“We, [the music department], are always changing, but I think there has been recently more emphasis, in the large ensembles particularly and in the teaching studios, of introducing students to a broader selection of music,” said Janet Greene, music theory and chamber music professor at Hamline. “Of course, we embrace and love our classics, but we are expanding the individual ensembles’ repertoire and students are learning new music in lessons that include less Western canonical pieces.”

Sundin recently held concerts for acclaimed pianist, May Phang, and insightful keyboard player Jeffrey Siegal. Greene hopes that students will stay informed and expand their definition of what a Sundin Hall concert is.

“We have a very exciting variety of music, and we often offer Hamline students free admission or significantly cut ticket prices,” Greene said. “I think a lot of times students––since we offer a lot of things on weekends––are exhausted or working jobs and socializing with friends, so I think if students knew there was something in advance they would have gone.”

Some upcoming  Sundin events will allow Hamline students and staff free admission at the sight of a student ID. Greene mentions students hopefully becoming more informed of Sundin events.

“Ever since we switched to a paperless campus––we used to rely on flyers, that’s how you knew things were happening by sticking a floor on the door or on the wall––that kind of communication doesn’t really work for us anymore,” Greene said. “It’s a little frustrating not being able to communicate––again––in a timely manner for students to come.”

The next event held at Sundin Hall will be a Sundin Memorial Concert played by one of Hamline’s own university ensembles. The concert will be on November 9th at 4:00 PM