Football finishes strong

One of the biggest teams on campus has recently ended their first season post-pandemic and left the competition arena with a win to add to their record.

Cathryn Salis, sports editor

The end of the first normal football season since 2019 has graced the Hamline community with the Pipers winning their last game of the season on Saturday, November 13 against the College of St. Scholastica. The team ended their returning season with a record of 4–6 overall at 1–6 in the MIAC.

Despite the record, the team feels their season was successful and a good testament to the effort they have put in thus far. Already, coaches are looking forward to the next season with a positive mindset. Head coach Chip Taylor expressed a growth perspective for the offseason.

“Hopefully we can get this last one for the seniors and send them off the right way,” Taylor said in reference to Saturday’s match. “It’d be a good way to go into the offseason with the win and try to get together and do it all again next year.”

The Pipers did walk away with a win and the seniors walked off the field for the last time to a huge applause from the spectators that came to the game. Both the coaches and the players really appreciate the attendance of friends and family at their games. 

“There’s a lot of times where we look up and the student section is really there for us, and family,” Taylor said. 

The term “family” is a great descriptor of the team according to a player who has chosen to remain anonymous for personal reasons during an interview. 

“We do a pretty good job in making sure that we all stick together regardless of the situation we’re in,” they said. “We’ve been able to take initiative to make sure that we do whatever we can, whether it’s sticking together as a team or just staying locked in as a team in practice or doing the extra steps to be able to get better whether it’s in the weight room or on the field.”

Taylor reflects this sentiment as he considers his team environment. 

“We’re coming together. This will be a pivotal offseason for us,” Taylor said.

Offseason is a great opportunity for teams to improve their players’ strength, skills and team cohesion before competition gets rolling. After over a year of no competition, the offseason for the football team was drawn out and it will be an adjustment to switch back to the shortened offseason time.

“The amount of offseason work that you got to put in to have a successful Saturday is so critical,” Taylor said. 

The Pipers are looking forward to next year’s season with a positive mindset and the drive to have these successful Saturdays all year, just as they did this past weekend.