Hamline Gymnastics spring into action

The team has been working hard to prepare for their upcoming season.

As the snow falls and temperatures change a brand new set of teams get to start their seasons. One of these teams is the Hamline gymnastics team. The sport of gymnastics is broken up into four events, Parallel bars, Vault, Floor, and Balance Beam.

Each of these events is scored separately and are brought together into the cumulative score for the team. While a few gymnasts, called all arounders participate in all events most athletes on the team do not. In order to be able to practice so many different events Head Coach Doug Byrnes has set up a weekly rotating schedule to make sure every gymnast gets the practice they need.

“This sport, it hurts their joints. In order to compete they need to be doing it for years and that takes its toll on the body.” said Byrnes as he addressed the challenges that the Gymnasts face. “One of the main goals is to just stay healthy all season.”

Alongside the rotating practices the team also utilizes it’s 6 a.m. Friday practices to reinforce strength and basics in order to keep the team healthy.

“When you see the team you’re going to see girls who like to be here. They get back up when they make mistakes.” Byrnes said.

The team has been putting in a lot of effort to be able to be competitive in such a taxing sport and are hoping it will pay off.

Hamline Gymnastics will host a performance on Nov. 16 in the gymnastics gym to be able to show off what they are able to do. They have a intersquad meet where they compete within the team on December 15. Their first home meet is Jan. 14. They have said anyone is welcome to watch any of these events.