Fourth and inches; do you have what it takes?

How the football team is preparing for homecoming week.


Tim Schnell

Hamline football team practices field goals.

Cassie Willaert, Reporter

Homecoming can be a time to celebrate shared experiences, when alumni return to their alma maters from around the world to reconnect with people, places and traditions. Hamline University has evolved the term into a whole week of celebrations, ending the week with the Pipers’ own football team hosting the game on their home turf.

All of campus becomes decorated with chalk and window paint and events with special treats crop up throughout the week. Along with these events is the homecoming game, which can be fond memories for those who have participated in it before. Senior Quarterback Justice Spriggs reminisced about homecoming from a few years ago.

“We were able to eat our pregame meal with alumni Piper football players and talk to them about the memories and experiences they had when they played here,” Spriggs said. “Homecoming is always a really fun and special game to play in and I am excited for this year against Gustavus.”

Hamline students are hopeful that the football team continues to stay focused and positive during homecoming week and the remainder of the season.

Fellow student athlete of the Women’s Hockey team Taylor Ramthun says, “We’ve had a rough start so far, but there’s so much passion and dedication from the players that with the help of our student section maybe homecoming will be the first home-game win of the season,” student athlete of the Women’s Hockey team junior Taylor Ramthun said.

The game can give students, family and even faculty a reason to come together under the sun and cheer. Seeing the returning alumni is one of the reasons Defensive lineman Noah Jacobson is proud to be playing in the game.

“I’d say just focusing on the magnitude of the game and realizing how much it means that I get to play Hamline football is what gets me amped to play,” Jacobson said. “Also, we’ve got tons of alumni that come back during the week to watch the game because of what Hamline and the football program meant to them. It taught them to be good husbands, fathers and people in society. Knowing that I get to be a part of that and the tradition that’s existed here for as long as the program has just gives this game extra meaning in that regard.”

Two year Head-Coach Chip Taylor says the team prepares the same

way for each game, because consistency off the field leads to consistency on the Field.

“Our guys know that homecoming is a special day for all the people who attended Hamline University,” Taylor said. “So they are working hard at practice now, in order to play well on Saturday.”

The Pipers are 0-5 as of Sept. 29 and will play Gustavus Adolphus at 1 p.m. on Oct. 13 for Homecoming.