Puck yeah! Women’s hockey scores success

Junior forward Peppi Kahkonen hustles past a Gustie to set up a scoring opportunity late in the second period.
Junior forward Peppi Kahkonen hustles past a Gustie to set up a scoring opportunity late in the second period.
Isaac Roy

The Hamline Women’s Hockey team has emerged as a force to be reckoned with this season, with an impressive 16–5 overall record and a 9-game win streak that tied the program record.
The team’s chemistry has been a key ingredient in their recent success, with a focus on teamwork and a commitment to constant improvement.
“They are my best friends and family. We want to win for each other,” captain Elizabeth Valley said.
A distinguishing feature of the team’s accomplishments is the unity among players. Head Coach Whitney Colbert emphasizes that personal achievements contribute to the overall success of the group, reinforcing a culture where teamwork shines through. “The girls work together, and it doesn’t matter who scores the goal, it’s a team achievement,” Colbert said.
This mindset follows the team even off the rink, evident in the bond between players who live together and enjoy each other’s company off the ice, creating a family culture that goes beyond the game.
Colbert also attributes much of the team’s success to the depth of their lineup. The roster’s variability allows the Pipers to navigate challenges that may arise during the season, showcasing the team’s resilience.
“We have a lot of upperclassmen leading this team who have created a great team culture. With that, we’ve been able to show resiliency in games,” senior Olivia Rinzel said.
Injuries, though few, have been expertly managed by an outstanding athletic trainer, and players have shown notable determination in pushing through bumps and bruises. The team’s depth has been a saving grace as well, with other players stepping up to fill any gaps in the lineup and contribute meaningfully to games.
As the team continues to enjoy a winning streak, it is clear the Women’s Hockey Team is staying focused on their goals. Rinzel articulates the team’s mindset.
“This team takes it to heart that every game is earned, not given. We know it’s not going to come easy, and I think we stay grounded through that discipline and commitment,” Rinzel said.
The team’s mantra revolves around taking one game at a time, consistently aiming to be one percent better every day.
The Gustavus Women’s Hockey team proved to be tough competition, showcasing their own skills and determination. However, what defined the Pipers this weekend was their unwavering resilience and fierceness on the ice.
Despite the losses, the team fought fearlessly, leaving it all on the rink. Players, coaches, and fans alike acknowledge that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of the team remains unbroken, and they are more determined than ever to come back stronger in the games to come.

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